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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rest In Peace Tom Sherak

This past Tuesday, January 28, Tom Sherak who was a former president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences passed away. He lost his battle to prostate cancer, which he was battling for twelve years. As a member of the Academy, I got the opportunity to meet him at various events and I can say that he was a very well respected person with such knowledge and passion for television and film. Earlier before his death he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which he could not attend due to the severity of his health.

The following is a picture I made the night he died, which was posted on my social media sites.

For more information on Tom Sherak, visit his IMDb profile: TOM SHERAK

The rain has come!

Despite a state wide drought in California, we are getting some rain tonight and even though tonight's rain will not make up for the necessary rain we desperately need, it will certainly help in a small way. There is a ten percent chance for some more rain tomorrow with temperatures in the high 60s.

For the latest weather updates: ABC7 Weather

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday's Lesson

This past Friday in class we went over our blogs. The professor got to give us constructive criticism and advice for us. I was told to change my pictures in a way they are arranged along with the text, so I have corrected that. I have also added links to my blogs as suggested and today I am writing working on my manifesto, which should be done shortly.
In class we also read a couple of articles on the web that served to prove to us that not everything we read online is necessarily accurate. We learned about an investor who paid thousands a month to just so that his image could be clean and different from what it really is.
Next week we will turn in out manifestos and continue learning about digital journalism.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

GLORIA TREVI-Press Conference at the
GIBSON Amphitheater
I have also been involved with public relations work for a couple of years now. I have worked with various PR agencies and firms that I continue to collaborate with still today. The artists that I have worked for are primarily in the Latin music industry and are of various levels of fame, some including international fame. I have worked with artists such as Gloria Trevi, Regulo Caro, Gerardo Ortiz, Luis Coronel, AKWID, Maria Conchita Alonso among others. I continue to work with these artists in collaboration with another PR firm, but I have also my own clients who sign under BANDERAS Public Relations Agency and they include Latin singers, actors and radio/tv personalities. To name a few; first actress Carmen Salinas, Sylvia Pasquel, actors Hugo Aceves, Ramon Valdez, singers include Grammy nominated Sheyla Tadeo, world's youngest Grammy winner and Guinness World Records holder; Miguelito, Jackie Alyss, El Chapo De Sinaloa, comedian Liliana Arriaga "La Chupitos" and more.

DEL RECORDS talent Press Conference;
Gerardo Ortiz, Luis Coronel, Regulo Caro,
Nena Guzman, Los Chairez
My services include everything from promotions on television shows, radio shows, special appearances/autograph signings, press releases, graphic designs, social media publicity and everything needed for a well structured and successful public relations service.
I also work various events including press coordination for events such as The Huntington Park Christmas Lane Parade and annual carnivals where everything from press to talent coordination is done by BANDERAS Public Relations Agency.
All of this could not be possible without the help of my partner publicist Daniel Ibarra, whom together we have united to form this agency where we strive for professionalism and satisfaction from our clients.

Today I want to share with you one of my occupations, other than being a student. I am currently an entertainment reporter for the Azteca America Network covering events and exclusive interviews for two shows; "El Coffee Break" and "Al Extremo". Both of these shows can be viewed all over the US, Mexico and South America. I have been given the opportunity to interview many Latin celebrities with great fame. Not only have I been able to grow and learn new things while at this network, but I have also been able to apply many of the things I have learned from my career at Cal State LA.
Throughout the years of my reporting career I have been given the name of 
MR. HOLLYWOOD by which many today know me for and by which you will very often see my posts and pictures containing this, my artistic name.

The following are a few pictures I would like to share with you.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with diseased singer

Interview with the #1 Mexican Band of the moment

One on One interview with
3X World Boxing Champion
Red Carpet interview with BACHATA star

Visit the official website: AZTECA AMERICA


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Class Review

This is a review of our first class meeting on Friday, January 17th. We all gathered at Professor Jon Beaupre's office where we introduced ourselves. This course is composed of a total of 3 students, including me. We got to know what this course will really be like by moving on to the computer lab where we learned about TinyURL,which is a much simple way of converting a long web url into a TinyURL. We watched a video from the Newseum website and also got an introduction on how to create our blogs. Next Friday we will gather again to continue exploring this interesting course.

Visit: TinyURL website