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Thursday, February 27, 2014

ART: A form of expression

ART: A form of expression
When it comes to expressing one’s desire or wants, it can be manifested in the form of art. A free form of expression amongst many talented artists is street art. Today, we can roam the streets and come to find many murals on walls around the city just like this one in Downtown Los Angeles.
            This mural can express many different things to many different people. To some, it may symbolize a woman being brave and just posing. For others, they can see flames and fire behind this woman and perhaps others may see a woman to whom air is being blown at her face making her hair wave in the air. It is all about ones own imagination and perception that can influence our thoughts about what we are being presented with this art.
            Hundreds, if not thousands of people walk by this mural everyday and it can be that every single one of them may find their own definition as to what is being expressed here. Drivers pass by this mural and get a glimpse of it too, this making their perceptions countless.
            This mural stands out to me a lot and that was one of the reasons as to why I chose it. It says more than just a woman being portrayed as a fighter or someone who is set out to fight and show braveness. I see a woman who is running, whose hair is moving as she runs and is trying to bring her hands towards her face.
            In this picture, I was able to capture vehicles passing by as well as people who walk right by this mural, this creating some sort of movement within the picture.

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